Your House Didn’t Sell… So Now What?

Your House Didn’t Sell…  So Now What?

We are sure you have got plenty of your own opinions about why your house didn’t sell.  But one reason you probably wouldn’t have considered is that your house might be infested with real estate agents.


You probably had no clue. People apparently live with this problem all the time and never realize it until they’ve listed their house for sale and it doesn’t sell.

Then, the minute your listing “expires,” real estate agents come crawling out of the woodwork and pester you to list with them.


And they make so much noise!!  They’re all buzzing in your ear about being able to sell your house quickly and for top dollar.  They claim to know what went wrong and why your house didn’t sell.  And (bonus) they “might even have a Buyer for your home!”


If you are like most homeowners who’ve gone through this, you are probably aggravated that you never heard from, or saw, so many agents while your house was actually on the market.  And now it is like they are a bunch of swarming pests.  We don’t want to be pests.


We would sincerely like to help you if you want and need our help.  But rather than pile on and call you or knock on your door, we just wanted to give you this helpful booklet.  Go ahead, read it.  It will give you some insight and help as well as a sense of who we are and how we can help…all without pestering you.  (And hopefully give you a laugh or two in the process!)


So, give it a quick read, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have as you read it.  We are here and happy to help if and when you want us to help!



If you want this booklet, fill out the request form and we will send you copy today!