Buying New Construction

Buying New Construction


Do you even need to use a real estate agent when buying new construction?  Or should you just deal directly with the builder and their sales representative?


These are common questions people who are considering buying new construction ask.  If you Google it, you’ will basically find two schools of thought:


People who say, “Nope! You don’t need ‘em.  They just want to latch onto you and get a commission for basically doing nothing.”  (These are usually people not in the real estate business and often ones who are predisposed to avoiding working with them if possible.)


People who say you absolutely should because an agent is indispensable and you are going to get hurt and regret it if you don’t.  (Surprise, surprise…it is almost always real estate agents saying this.)


But there is a third group of people — people who aren’t real estate agents who recommend using one when you buy new construction.  (These are usually people who have been through it and regret not using an agent independent of the builder.)


Here’s a fourth unique point of view…  Ours.  As agents, we don’t think there is an absolute answer to this.  Some people, in some situations, are just fine working directly with the builder and their reps — without the help of their own real estate agent — and they get good results with little or no downside.

But a lot of people find themselves making mistakes they don’t even know they are making.  These mistakes often begin the minute they see a sign or an ad for new construction, and they take a ride to just see the place.


As agents, we may be a bit biased, but we will say this: You don’t “need” an agent.  You can certainly go it alone.  Is it the right choice?  Nope, not for most people and most situations.  But you can, and you might be fine.

But in our experience, many people regret it and wish they had hired their own agent — and they would have if only they were more informed from the beginning.  Which is why we created this booklet… to help you think through for yourself whether or not you should use an agent when buying new construction.


We have included tips and insights about dealing with builders that will be useful to you no matter which way you decide to go — with an agent or without.  Whichever way you decide to go, we hope you find this booklet thoughtful and useful!  If at any point you have any questions about anything within this booklet or even things we don’t get into about buying new construction, feel free to reach out to us directly.


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